Founded by London based designer Fi Thompson,

K A M B A is a modern swimwear brand born from a desire to create unique products with a feminine aesthetic.


Pursuing a focus on flattering cuts, sculpting designs and strong Italian made fabrics, Kamba's are built to stand the test of time for those who want to roll in the sand, swim in clear shores and bathe in the sun.


Brought to life with versatile design and practicality at the brands core, expect various necklines, bottoms with both low and high-rise waists and swimsuits with cut out details, with each collection featuring elements of the brands signature Ruffle design.


 In 2019 the brand made an ongoing commitment to focus on more ethical, resourceful and conscious practices. Prioritizing reducing waste, transparency through the supply chain and where possible supporting British trade. Their latest collection uses recycled fabrics from the plastic and fishing nets found in our oceans.

Swim in your K A M B A’s , run in them, roll in the sand in them and wash them- they’re yours and they are designed to be lived in.


Buy smarter, love longer.