73% of the world's clothing eventually ends in landfill, of which less than 15% is collected to recycle". The real problem? Under 1% of this is regenerated into new clothing. The Global Fashion Agenda 2018

We hate waste.

So we've decided to dedicate a page of our website to S U R P L U S   S W I M S. An initiative set out to recycle and reduce waste while bringing you one off limited edition pieces.


We want to work hard to ensure our fabrics (and fabrics of other brands we work with) don't go to waste. So, Have a look and see what you like, each piece will tell you how many have been made, so in some instances you may able to get your hands on a one off item!

From bikinis, to swimsuits, to beach bags - you can shop Surplus Swims till your hearts content, all the while knowing that you are helping us do our bit to reduce waste. 

Thanks for supporting this initiative. Happy shopping!